Photos from the Asian Heritage Evening May 3rd, 2003
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Minister Sheila Copps (at far end of table), speaking to Board Members about Multiculturalism at the NLMFAC Board Meeting of April 13, 2003. To Minister Copps' left is Ms. Bonnie Hickey, and to her right is NLMFAC President Thaddeus Dreher.
The "Celebration of Asian Culture" function on May 3rd, 2003, at the Royal Canadian Legion in Pleasantville, St. John's.

Standing (R-L, front row) NLMFAC President Thaddeus Dreher. Honourable Jim Walsh, Provincial Minister of Works, Services, and Transportation. Mrs. Suree Dreher. Honourable Jean Augustine, Secretary of State, Multiculturalism and Status of Women. NLMFAC Secretary Dr. Mira Parai.

Standing (R-L, back row) Board Member Mr. Alfred Koineh. NLMFAC Vice President Dr. Palinder Kamra. Board Member Mrs. Donna Jeffrey. NLMFAC Treasurer Mr. Richard Phillips.
Honourable Jean Augustine, Secretary of State, Multiculturalism, and Status of Women presenting surprised NLMFAC President Thaddeus Dreher with a Certificate of Appreciation for his contribution to the promotion of Multiculturalism in Newfoundland and Labrador.
Both Secretary of State Jean Augustine and President Dreher presenting the Thaddeus Dreher Scholarship # 12, in the amount of $500.00, to Ms. Elizabeth Rice, of Inuit ancestry from Labrador.  Ms. Rice is a fifth year student in the Native Northern Bachelor of Education program at Memorial University of Newfoundland.  Ms. Rice's goal is to be an Aboriginal educator within Labrador.
Mrs. Suree Dreher, performing SINUAN - a traditional Thai dance - at the Celebration of Asian Culture on May 3rd.
Ms. Shumona Saha (L) and Indrani Saha (R) ;performing TARANA - a classical South East Indian dance.
Mr. Alick Tsui, singing the popular Cantonese song "Parents Love - Grace".