Scholarships offered:


The NLMFAC usually awards three scholarships annually. Two of them are awarded at the NLMFAC Fall function and the other at the NLMFAC Spring function. The amounts, criteria, and eligibility are as follows:


Aboriginal Peoples Scholarships ($1,000 annually)


The Board of Directors, at its meeting of September 13, 1997, passed the following resolution:


While reflecting on the history of Newfoundland, in particular the tragic events since arrival of Cabot in 1497 and the arrival of European settlers with lamentable consequences for the Aboriginal Peoples.


And with the spirit of understanding and goodwill the NLMFAC Board decided to establish a Scholarship Fund…with the purpose of helping financially non-status native students of any post secondary school or college.


A scholarship in the amount of $500.00 will be offered twice a year (Fall and Spring) to a (non-status native) student recommended by the St. John’s Native Centre.


Although the Board, or its Scholarship Committee, has the final say on whether or not the two $500.00 scholarships will be awarded to the “recommended” individuals, the NLMFAC Board supports the St. John’s Native Centres’ selection process.


Thaddeus Dreher Scholarship Fund ($1,000 annually)


By way of Motion, on May 30, 2002, the Scholarship of the Millennium was renamed the

Thaddeus Dreher Scholarship Fund.


Also by way of Motion, on April 30, 2000, the Scholarship of the Millennium, with a prize of $1,000.00 (One Thousand Canadian dollars) is to be awarded.


(A)   The criteria for eligibility shall be as follows:


(i)                  The student’s parents or the student must be members of the NLMFAC at least for one year in good standing prior to his/her application for the scholarship;


(ii)                The student must demonstrate a financial need as well as good academic progress;


(iii)               The groups/associations who are members of the NLMFAC (except the St. John’s Native Friendship Centre Association due to the $1,000.00 Scholarship established in 1997for the non-status native students) are also eligible; they can select a student for the award – (i.e. the applicant for the award);



(iv)              Submission deadline is October 1st as the award will be presented at the NLMFAC Fall function.


(B)   Selection process shall be as follows:


The NLMFAC Board of Directors will appoint a Committee whose responsibility will be the carrying out of the selection process for the scholarship applicants.



NLMFAC Scholarship Fund Established

NLMFAC Second Scholarship Established